Nov 19 2011

Everett Jasmer, Owner and Founder of USA-1 4×4 Inducted in Inaugural Monster Truck Hall of Fame Class

It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by since a bunch of young(er) men let their toys and advertising vehicles grow out of control. From playing in the mud in the 70s, to winning the First National Championship in 1988, and now the Monster Truck Hall of Fame in 2011. What a humbling honor it was to be one of the inaugural class of inductees to the new International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame (IMTMHOF) at the Kruse Automotive and Carriage Musem at the American Heritage Village in Auburn, IN. (Check out the site for the National Military History Center also located in the American Heritage Village complex.)


 The Inaugural Monster Truck Hall of Fame Class. Photo Courtesy of TheMonsterBlog.com

I will never forget this event and all the people who made it happen; primarily Jeff Cook (President and Founder of the IMTMHOF), as well as the rest of the HOF Board. Also, we all should thank Dean Kruse, owner of the American Heritage Villiage for providing a home for the museum. Much to my surprise, the American Heritage Village houses one of, if not the largest collection of WWII and earlier military equipment in the world – THIS IS A MUST SEE!

IMTM HOF Auburn IN 2011

“The Cap” was presented during my acceptance speech as a surprise for my friend
Mike Krieger and other fans who’ve asked about it for many years.

IMTM HOF Auburn IN 2011

Jeff Cook presenting “The Hardware” to Everett

A long overdue visit with a great old friend, Master of Ceremonies Army Armstrong.

A long overdue visit with a great old friend, Master of Ceremonies Army Armstrong.

I met and talked to so many old friends, fans, and competitors, as well as fans who were very young, or not even born yet in those early days. I can’t explain how humbling it is to meet young fans whose parents passed on their love of this sport and what we did years ago.

"Young fan" Chris came all the way from New York.

“Young fan” Chris came all the way from New York.

Saturday afternoon we had a great meeting with monster truck owners and fans discussing the history of this sport. I’m always amazed at things fans remember that I have long forgotten and how they can drag those memories back to life. At the meeting as well as back at USA-1 headquarters during visitor tours I find myself talking for hours in response to questions about the past.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my own “Hall of Famers,” without whom the ’70 (original) USA-1 truck would not have made it to this event, at least not looking as great as it did. They contributed a couple of Saturdays and many evenings cleaning and detailing allowing the ’70 to be present looking as it did in the 80’s. My USA-1 Hall of Famers contributing to the appearance: webmaster and general helper Travis, and Fans, friends and helpers Kris and Emily, Andy, Matt, and Chad.


I’d also like to thank my old friend and competitor Bob Chandler (bigfoot4x4.com), who may not remember, but contributed to the ’70’s appearance. The aluminum wheels on the ’70 had not been used since the last time one was damaged back in the ’80s. Bob generously gave me a couple of used wheels for parts a few years ago, allowing me to reassemble and use these great looking wheels. Bob and I helped each other in many ways in the early years, each contributing our own expertise. That’s what true competitors do because competition is what drives all motorsports.

Thanks also to the many employees and crew members, without whom most of USA-1’s history would not have been as great. It was an honor to have 1988 National Champion driver Rod Litzau and former crewmember Mark Gerard with me at this event.

Special thanks to my wife Pat for putting up with me and this venture for over 35 years!

Most important: Thanks to God for giving me that abilities, strength, and drive to create and run this business for all these years.

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 Click here to check out the Museum and Hall of Fame website!


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