Everett Speaks

September 15th, 2009

“Crushing The Lie” (Global Warming/Climate Change) Continued

Do you want to help put an end to the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on this country and the world? (Global warming and climate change) Here’s something everyone can do.

When I see a label on or an ad for any product or service promoting global warming, climate change, or any other part of the green movement, I make note NOT to buy that product or service.


   1. They believe in this hoax, thus they are naive.

   2. They do not believe in the hoax, but have decided to make money off of this lie, thus they are corrupt.

I suggest everyone who believes in God, and thus not this hoax, make every effort not to purchase any product or service marketed in such a way.

This may be the only way to stop this movement. Our politicians won’t listen because they see this as a way to grow government, taking away our freedom, our income, and our property, which are all components of liberty, the foundation of this nation.

Everett Jasmer

September 1st, 2009

“Crushing The Lie” (Global Warming/Climate Change)

There is no such thing as man-made global warming or climate change (the new terminology used by the greenies since finding out that the earth’s climate is now in a cooling stage). God created the earth; it is working exactly as he intends it to, and always has. The earth’s climate has warmed and cooled since creation, as it is supposed to by God’s design. Man cannot change the earth’s climate, only God can.

This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind in the history of the world. It has been accomplished by 40-50 years of indoctrination and dumbing-down of society by our [government] schools, mainstream media, liberal politicians, and all who have fallen for the environmentalist/green movement. Sadly, far too many so-called conservative politicians have found it easier to go along with this lie than to stand up for their beliefs, and have gotten on board this bandwagon. It is a massive power grab to socialize this country and nationalize its businesses by destroying the Constitution and taking away the rights given to us by God and protected for 230+ years by that document. This lie is also being used to scare the public into accepting “Cap and Trade”, the largest tax increase in history. All those who have fallen for this hoax and decided to be worshippers of “Mother Earth” (this IS a new religion), had better stop and think it through, especially if you call yourselves Christians. Remember that first commandment: “thou shalt have no other gods”? Churches and religious leaders who have decided to participate in this big lie, take special note!

For almost 50 years I have watched the liberal environmentalist socialist activists who hate America and American-Made trying to convince the public that American-Made vehicles are junk. The mainstream media and our [government] schools have made every possible effort to help with this brainwashing. At the same time our government has been regulating the US automakers to death through fuel economy standards. The objective of the green movement, using the force of government, has been to get everyone into the “little green death traps” of their utopian dreams. I have always owned GM trucks, cars, and SUVs, and have never had a bad one. In addition, I will never put myself or family into any of these “little green death traps”.

Fortunately, a majority of Americans have continued to demand real full-size vehicles that are not only safer, but comfortable and practical. [Ya know, vehicles you can actually get more than 2 small humans and a toothbrush inside of.] The majority of the public resisted the lies and kept demanding full size American-Made vehicles and the automakers kept building them in spite of all the government regulations. That’s what we call the free market working. I know many of the graduates of our [government] schools never learned about that free market concept, but just for their information, it is a part of what made this the greatest country in the history of the world.

Now, because we (the free market) have not fallen for “the big lie”, the greenies, with the assistance of this administration, have decided to try to force us into their “little green death traps”. GM and Chrysler fell into their trap when they decided to take stimulus money instead of going through bankruptcy, which would have freed them of old contract burdens that have been dragging them down for decades. Now, because GM and Chrysler took the bailout money, this administration is in control of what type of vehicles are going to be built. Now they can force American citizens to buy these “little green death traps” by not allowing choices in vehicles that the free market would provide.

Quite the opposite of all the greenie socialists I believe in freedom of choice. All of you who want to put yourselves and your families’ lives at risk can choose to buy your “little green death traps”, be they hybrid, electric, wind-up, solar, wind, or rubber band powered, as long as you let the market control the production of them. Don’t use the power of government to force the rest of us into them, and don’t use the hard-working taxpayers money to subsidize your eco-junk just because the free market won’t support them.

The recent Cash for Clunkers program was a perfect example of unconstitutional government involvement in private business. It was passed off as a stimulus program, which by itself was wrong. Our government should never use taxpayers’ dollars to subsidize business, but the stimulus was only a smokescreen to cover up the real intention of this administration: to take perfectly good vehicles that don’t meet their “green” standards out of circulation. Many of these vehicles would, left to the market, have provided transportation for citizens that can’t afford new vehicles, or those of us who just choose (freedom) to drive earlier model real vehicles.

This movement is not about saving the earth, it’s about billions of dollars in the pockets of Al Gore and many perpetrators of “the big lie”, as well as a massive power grab by these wackos who want to destroy the Constitution and take away the freedom it has protected for all of us who love America.

I am convinced that there will be other stealthy and not so stealthy moves by this administration to get the citizenry to give up and eventually force older vehicles off the road. Those of us who love and appreciate America and American-Made vehicles, whether for daily driving, work, or just collecting (i.e. hot rods, street cars, classics, off roading, racing, etc.), had all better wake up and pay attention because these wackos will find a way to use the force of government to ban them also.

If you are concerned about losing your freedom of choice in automobiles, as well of your freedom of choice in general, please contact me. This is about saving America, not just our choice of vehicles!

I have been working on a promotional concept, “Crushing the Lie” and have the tools and ability to do it, but need help and support.

Everett Jasmer

August 14th, 2009

It’s time to take a stand, before it’s too late!

Early in 2004, while structuring this new mission to bring America back to its Christian founding principles, I couldn’t get a line from the pledge of allegiance out of my mind. I was determined to find a way to use this extremely important phrase as part of this mission. After much thought it suddenly came to me, how simple, ONE NATION UNDER GOD… (let’s keep it that way!).

I have deeply admired since the first time I heard it, Red Skelton’s rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. For most of my lifetime many of those who hate the fact that this nation was founded on Christian principles, and obviously hate God have been trying to remove any reference to God from our [government] schools, our money, and the American lexicon. I highly recommend that every God fearing, patriotic American listen to this and share it with everyone possible, especially your children and grandchildren. I’ll bet Red himself wouldn’t believe how meaningful his statements have become.


This country is at a turning point like no time ever in our history. We have just recently elected a president who has declared to the world that we are not a Christian nation. Speak for yourself, Obama!


This comic says it all: (Thank you Johnny Hart)

This nation is failing;
let’s bring it back to God and His blessings!

Everett Jasmer

October 8th, 2007

“I think I hear Taps playing”

I wrote the following a few weeks ago, but didn’t get it finished for posting until now. Sadly, since writing it, we lost a very special man, Mr. Wally Parks, the founder of the NHRA. I had no way of knowing how fitting this heading would be. I only talked to Wally a few times over the years, but know how passionate he was about this motorsport. With all due respect, I suspect he would agree with me about the turn his beloved sport has taken.

It sure is disappointing seeing the vaunted 50-plus year history of NHRA drag racing come to an end, and the new, media-driven, showbiz-oriented exhibition begin at the historic Indy Nationals on Labor Day weekend, 2007. It is sad to watch 8 of 16, (and soon 12 of 16), cars racing for nothing other than to be spoilers and fillers.

I have been told that this format was designed to imitate playoffs in other sports. If that was the case we would only race an 8 car, (and later 4 car) field during these so-called playoffs.

I am sure most of the owners and racers agree, although I have heard very few voice their opinion. Most would not dare to offend the powers that be, but I have enjoyed the comments of the few who have spoken their opinion.

I guess I’ll just have to compile the results of all the races to see who REALLY wins and places in each class. I suppose the results will be tainted somewhat because of changes in strategies during the last part of the series, but it will have to do.

I know this is being done to attract a younger audience, just like the (c)rap music that I have to fast forward through at the intro to most segments on TV. We old geezers aren’t important to the young, forward-thinking gurus who make this series profitable. You know, they are probably right’ We won’t be around much longer spending our meager retirement allowances.

You know, this really seems familiar. All these years I thought it was a bad thing to turn a motorsport into showbiz, i.e. professional wrestling on wheels. Now, almost 20 years later, NASCAR, and my beloved NHRA have taken the same turn. I guess the promoters and exhibitionists of the monster truck sport were actually way ahead of their time’ Oh well, I guess that’s what they call progress!


Everett Jasmer

May ’07

Congratulations to “The Professor”

Congratulations Warren Johnson, “The Professor”, of NHRA Pro-Stock racing fame. I was recently pleased to see my old friend inducted into International Motor Sports Hall of Fame. As excited as I was for Warren, I suddenly realized how sad it is that no one from the Monster Truck world will ever be able to have this honor. Had we put our efforts into developing a legitimate motor sport since 1988, instead of letting the promoters and their money turn our sport into “professional wrestling on wheels”, we might have had a place there too.

As long as I’m talking about legitimate racing, I’d like to discuss NASCAR and NHRA. I’ve always admired these organizations for what they have done for the Motor Sports world. Having been a drag racer in my youth, I’ve always been biased towards NHRA drag racing, as many of you probably already know. But, although I’m not a big NASCAR fan, I was very discouraged a few years ago when they changed the way they set up their points series. This was done strictly to provide more excitement at the end of the season. This artificially manipulates the outcome of a season of racing, thus making the championship illegitimate.

This bothered me as a fan of motor sports even though I wasn’t particularly into NASCAR. Many times I commented that at least my favorite motor sport, NHRA drag racing, would never do that. To my dismay NHRA did the very same thing starting this 2007 season. My ideal motor sport has now become illegitimate! After the Indy Nationals this September the deck will be reshuffled and a new points race will start. I guess I will either end the season at Indy or keep my own record of points until the end of the season so I can determine the “Real” champion.

Be careful, NHRA and NASCAR. You’ve let television and the almighty buck drive your sports to pure entertainment. You both have way too much history behind you to let this happen, and I’m sure most real fans would agree. We don’t need two more examples of “Professional wrestling on wheels” entertainment. It’s too late for us in the Monster Truck world, but not for you!


Everett Jasmer

In 1988, after winning the First National Championship of monster truck racing, I thought my dream of creating a new motorsport had come true. To my dismay the “racing” was replaced by “Professional Wrestling on Wheels” performances over the next five years. Having spent the next 10+ years trying to bring back legitimate racing and wondering if I would ever find a use for USA-1, I finally decided to get out of the business. Then an opportunity came along to use my abilities, and the USA-1 trucks and identity that God has provided me to carry messages that are each day becoming more important to the future of this nation.

For those of you who have followed USA-1 and the monster truck sport since it’s beginning, you probably are aware of my feelings about where it has gone. If you are not, please take the time to read the letters that I wrote to Truck World, Monsters Monthly, November and December 2003, and January 2004 to help you understand my decision to devote myself and my business to this new mission.

Truck World Letters

Shortly after writing these letters I decided to do whatever I could to sell out the USA-1 operation. After telling a few close friends of my plans my good friend Tom Kuehn approached me with his vision of a piece of art that would convey the message that America is in decline and that we must get back to the christian principles that our God fearing founding fathers used as a foundation for this great country. Also he asked if I would be interested in using my reputation and the patriotic identity of the USA-1 trucks to carry these critically important messages to the people of this great country. Believing very strongly in all of these things and having never backed down from speaking my beliefs, I immediately said yes, and the new mission of USA-1 was under way.

During the past 2+ years of hard work getting this new mission under way I have met and talked to countless people around the country. I have been overwhelmed by the interest, praise and verbal support that I have received. This has been a very rewarding venture and every day I come up with new ideas of how to use motorsports of all kinds, not just monster trucks, to bring America back to God.

For now though, I must concentrate on finding sponsorships and contributors to help fund this mission before I start on my new ideas. This has been one of the most rewarding two and a half years of my life in all ways but financial. I have no doubt that I must continue this mission, but don’t know how much longer I can keep it going without finding sponsorships and or contributions soon.

I mentioned earlier that I have developed many concepts on using motorsports of many kinds as an outreach to bring America back to God. I would like to find and meet a Pastor/Minister who is interested in motorsports (a real motorhead) and would like to work together on developing a motorsports ministry. I have seen the impact and response first hand, and believe this can impact the direction that this country is headed.

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