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Photo by: Josh Kirscher

USA-1 4×4 on a mission of faith in America and support of our troops

This beautiful peice of art is at the heart of the mission
America needs the Spirit of Christ


The inspiration behind “The Spirit of Christ”
    Sacred Art & Design is a resource center that inspires and heals through the spirit
Jesus Christ.     Our message regarding this art piece is that our country, founded by
God-fearing patriots is falling into despair (represented by the falling ghost flag in the background).     “The Spirit of Christ” (symbolized by the strong cross) is our only hope
to resurrect our country (represented by the flag) back to a nation of Christian greatness.
By having a visual remembrance in our homes, offices, and churches, we may
reflect on the passion of Christ’s Spirit in our daily lives.    The truth of this message is
that we will all need to come to the cross and accept “The Spirit of Christ”.
Special thanks to Jerry Snyder, our commissioned artist, and Everett Jasmer (USA-1),

a true christian patriot, who helped see this project through.


This logo is proudly displayed on the USA-1 trucks and hauler to show our support and thanks for our military, those currently serving and all who have served through out the history of this great country. Without them this country could not have been created much less have survived to this day.

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