Hello modeling fans!

My name is Everett Jasmer, owner of the USA-1 monster trucks. I have licensed with AMT, now owned by Round 2, since the late 1980’s with models of the USA-1 monster trucks, and more recently a 2010 Camaro kit.

Because of my life long motorsport interest starting in my teen years with street cars, hot rods, drag racing, followed by almost forty years in the monster truck sport, I’ve created a new concept in model kits. Working with the crew at Round 2 we will be introducing a new series of model kits designed to get the interest of more advanced modelers as well as hopefully get a new younger group of modelers interested in model building.

This series of models will be based on real vehicles that I intend to build, but haven’t gotten around to because of the time constraints of running the monster truck business.

We hope to bring out a number of models of my dream vehicles over the coming years, thus the title “Everett Jasmer’s USA-1 American Dream Series”. Hopefully by the second or third model I will have time to start building the real vehicles.

I am not a professional model builder and until this venture I hadn’t built models since I was a kid, and that’s a long time. My workmanship may seem crude to many of you more advanced modelers, but my intent is to show the basic steps to build a model that images how I will build the real Pro Street vehicles. I’m confident that many of you will be able to put much better detail into your builds as you finish them.

I welcome any comments, questions, and recommendations that you may have regarding the instructions that I have provided

I am not much of a computer user so I would appreciate personal phone calls if possible. The office number is on the contact page of this site.

I will try to keep you posted on some very exciting model kits that we are already planning for the coming years.

I look forward to getting to know a bunch of new fans via the modeling world.
– Everett W. Jasmer




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