Oct 09 2010

The Tax Crush Rally was a great success!



These candidates will do the same, give them your vote!


USA-1 crushing Big Government issues

Photo Credit: Josh Kirscher

What a great day for what I believe was the first ever Tax Crush Rally. I was so humbled and honored to meet so many strong Christian conservatives who are concerned about the direction this country is headed. This event was a Meet & Greet for local city, county, and state candidates for office, all of which are qualified to recieve your vote and do their part to start reducing the size of government at all levels.

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Oct 06 2010

Tax Crush Rally


The USA-1 Monster Truck will be crushing not only cars, but issues critical to the citizens of this country!

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Sep 15 2010

New Snap-It Model Kit!

Click Here to check out the new USA-1 model kit, scheduled release in October 2010.


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Aug 25 2010

5th Annual Christ’s Cross Car Show

DSC_0644 DSC_0645 DSC_0646

Another year at Family of Christ church with the Christ’s Cross Car Club, and what a beautiful day it was!

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Aug 16 2010

40th Anniversary


Thanks to my friends Mike Krieger and Tom Montgomery for helping me create this masterpiece!

I am considering releasing a limited edition series of this picture, stay tuned!

Everett W. Jasmer

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Aug 05 2010

Joel Demos commercial

USA-1 monster truck is used in a campaign fundraising commercial for MN GOP’s US House of Representatives candidate Joel Demos!

Check out votedemos.com to see it!

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Jun 13 2010

Ham Lake Meineke Grand Opening


The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for the Ham Lake Meineke Grand Opening, although we still had a good turnout and enjoyed working with the wonderful folks from Meineke!

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Jan 18 2010

Bleacher Report Interview

Everett did an interview with Dustin Parks of bleacherreport.com talking about the history of USA-1 and Everett’s views on how the sport has evolved into “Professional Wrestling on Wheels” from legitimate racing, which he prefers. Check it out by clicking here.

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Aug 24 2009

4th Annual Christ’s Cross Car Show

USA-1 made the long trek (3 blocks) to do this show again this year, and it was another great show!


Credit: Josh Kirscher


Thanks again to this club for being supportive of USA-1 and for their mission of supporting the troops!

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Apr 25 2009

American Religious Town Hall

The USA-1 4×4 “America Needs the Spirit of Christ” mission statement was the topic of discussion on this week’s American Religious Town Hall program. It was a great priviledge to be the subject of discussion on this informative religious roundtable.

Click Here to watch the program.

Click Here to check out American Religious Town Hall’s website.


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