Apr 25 2009

New Model Kit!

Click Here to check out the new USA-1 model kit, scheduled release in June 2009.


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Aug 25 2008

3rd Annual Christ’s Cross Car Show

Here we are again at the third annual Christ’s Cross Car Club show and God blessed us with another perfect day in Ham Lake, MN.

full_show_shot truck_on_carsarmy_and_rig

Thanks to our local US Army recruiters for being a part of the show. This club contibutes part of its proceeds to support of military families.

Once again the show grew from about 70 cars last year to over 100 this year.

Webmaster’s note: I got to drive the truck after the show and it was awesome! Here is a video.

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Mar 13 2008

Monster Blog Interview with Everett Jasmer


Click Here to Read

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Nov 09 2007

Christian Community Fair

I had a great time at the second annual Christian Community Fair. I met and visited with many wonderful Christians and patriots.

setup1 setup2

I enjoyed the company of several army national guard soldiers as we shared the same setup area at the entrance to the fair. I always enjoy doing events with our heroes from the different branches of the military. Besides, sometimes they bring toys for me to play on. I really enjoyed climbing their rock wall. Having done events in the past with the climbing walls and watching all the youngsters climbing, I finally had to try it myself. It was great fun.

climbing1 climbing3 climbing2


I also ran into a former acquaintance with a new type of entertainment. I’m sure some of you reading this may have thought me to be a dummy for taking the stands that I have over the years, but take a look at my new driver!!

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Oct 27 2007

Anoka Halloween Parade

I’ve lived across the river from Anoka for over 30 years, but never had time to take in their famous Halloween parade. I couldn’t believe the size of the crowds along the whole route, and was pleased to hear from all the great fans yelling along the way.

Thanks to Brad Lano and his crew at Lano Equipment Inc. for the help setting up and trailering through the parade.


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Sep 25 2007

Anoka River Run Grand Finale

What a gorgeous day God provided for us late in September in Minnesota!!

The first attempt at the Anoka River Run Grand Finale was a success with an unofficial count of over 2,000 cars showing up.

As part of the tribute to our military we had representatives from the Marines and Army National Guard present, as well as a WWII Jeep from Crystal Military Museum. We also had the opportunity to show pictures and give out information on the Veteran’s Lake Memorial to Minnesota Service members lost in the war on terror.

TruckandGuard WholeSetupIMG_2872

Thank you to all the God-fearng, patriotic Americans who stopped to talk and offer support to USA-1’s new mission.

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Sep 08 2007

Veteran’s Lake Park Monument Dedication

What a privilege and honor it has been the past 2 months displaying with and helping raise awareness of the memorial for the fallen Minnesota soldiers in the war on terror.

On September 2nd the dedication of the monument at Veteran’s Lake Park in Ramsey, MN was a day I will always remember. The personal meetings with the families of these fallen heroes, as well as many other God-fearing patriotic Americans, were incredibly humbling and inspirational. These soldiers and their families have given the ultimate sacrifice, as well as countless others since the founding of this country to insure that all of us can continue to enjoy the freedom that is the foundation of the United States of America, the greatest nation in the history of the world.

God Bless all who have served through the history of America!

Monument in Park 1 Monument in Park 2 Patriot Guard Truck Display Dedication

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Aug 28 2007

Ahlman’s Shooters Roundup

What a wonderful two days we had at Ahlman’s shooter’s roundup, August 25th and 26th. It is always encouraging to be around so many God-fearing, second-amendment supporting, patriotic citizens. I hope we can do this again next year. Check out Ahlman’s.com

Whole Rig and Truck NRA Door

Everett Shooting .30 cal

I usually crush cars, but today I had the opportunity to destroy a car in a different way: with a .30 caliber machine gun!

Everett Mike Shaking Hands

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Aug 21 2007

Wings of the North Air expo

Well, it has to happen once in a while, 2 days of almost non-stop rain, nonetheless those who braved the weather got to see and talk to some very important parts of our history at the Wings of the North Air expo. What an opportunity it was to see old war planes and talk to past and current members of our military.



A picture with the “Yankee Lady,” a fully restored B-17G WWII bomber


Another with the “Yankee Lady” in the background











I hope to try this again next year in the sunshine.

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Aug 18 2007

Fairmont Monument Display

August 16th turned out to be another great day in Fairmont, MN. We had the opportunity to honor three fallen soldiers on this stop with the memorial monument. What a wonderful group of citizens we met and talked to at the VFW this day.
TruckonCars MomsMonumentTruck



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